Terms Page

The importation of certain articles is either prohibited or requires special approval from the competent authorities

Importing the following products requires special approval by Saudi authorities: agricultural seeds, live animals, books, periodicals, movies, and tapes; religious books and tapes; chemicals and harmful materials; pharmaceutical products; wireless equipment and radio-controlled model airplanes; horses; products containing alcohol (e.g., perfume); natural asphalt; and archaeological artifacts.

Saudi law prohibits importation of the following products: weapons, alcohol, narcotics, pork and pork products, pornographic materials, Adult or any thing relationship with sexual, distillery equipment, retreated or used tires, used clothing and certain sculptures.  Saudi Customs also does not allow importation of cars older than five years, salvaged cars, used police cars, taxis and rental cars.  For additional information, please review requirements on the SASO and Saudi Customs web sites.

Additional terms and the conditions to publish your products please read these conditions :-

  1. No naked photo.
  2. No bikini photo. Must be without body.
  3. No sexy photo. The sexy dress must be without body like lingerie dress.
  4. No religious photo.
  5. No photo to led to the hatred.
  6. No photo to led to the racism.